The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to TikTok Marketing

Discover how to create a successful marketing strategy for your business to seize growth opportunities and boost revenue.

How to Find Your Target Audience on TikTok


What are the ideal locations of your target customers? Even if you know only the country, you can utilize this information. However, if you operate a local business or want to serve a specific region, you should isolate those locations.

Buying concerns

What might cause them to pass on your offering? Is the quality a concern?

Other info

Anything else you want to say about them, such as their education level, stage of life, or events they attend.


What age range do your customers typically fall into? To determine this, ask yourself what age your target audience is at and then keep this as wide as possible.


Is it important or unimportant for your brand whether the people interviewed identify as male or female?


What are their interests, hobbies, or passions? This information can be used to develop content and target the audience (e.g., cooking, hip-hop dance, yoga).


What kinds of businesses do they work for and what position titles have they held? If your brand doesn't call for identification of industry and positions, then you may want to avoid asking this question.

Income level

What are the ideal product incomes for this buyer persona? Are they price-oriented or will they spend more?

Relationship status

Is the person single, actively looking for a relationship, or married? This may be important, for example, in the wedding business.

Favorite sites/apps

What are their go-to websites? Do they regularly use Instagram or Pinterest? What apps would they not want to live without?

Motivation to buy

Why would this person want to buy your product? Do they want to show off their wealth or spend more time working out?

Types of TikTok Ads

TopView Ads

When a user opens the app for the first time, TopView ads on TikTok appear immediately after the video. They can run for up to 60 seconds, which is longer than the typical TikTok video run time of 15 seconds. As a result, businesses can use TopView ads to promote products or services that demand more focus, such as TV commercials.

In-Feed Ads

On a user's discovery page, otherwise known as the "For You" page, in-feed ads are videos that appear. This is where users land when they open the app. Videos that the TikTok algorithm considers interesting because of the app user's activity are displayed on the For You page. These ads are the fourth video that a user will see as they scroll through the feed. They are similar to those that appear in an Instagram user's feed.

Branded Hashtags

A business can choose an Instagram hashtag that relates to their brand and encourage TikTokers to create content about it with a branded hashtag. As a result, businesses that use this ad format get exclusive access to the hashtag, which is not true of other social media platforms. The hashtag is also prohibitively expensive, averaging $150,000 USD for six days, according to reports.

Brand Takeovers

There are three types of Brand Takeovers: TopView, In-Feed, and Branded Hashtags. These ads can also be videos, gifs, or still images. Each day, TikTok only advertises one company, and starting at $50,000 USD per day, brand takeovers can be an effective way to advertise.

Branded Effects

Brands can create stickers or filters that TikTok users can use to add images of their products into videos, making 2D, 3D, and augmented reality ads. These stickers and filters usually involve playing brand-specific games in order to use them.

TikTok Ad Review Process

The landing page

Has the app been properly functional and mobile-friendly? Is it matching the product name in the ad? Is it in the language of the region it's targeting? Files aren't automatically downloaded to a user's device.

The ad

It contains no spelling or grammatical errors, and it is free of them. It is between five and 60 seconds long, and it doesn't use too many symbols, spaces, numbers, or capitals. It corresponds to the caption. (The text in parentheses is the explanation for the grammar and spelling errors.) It contains no prohibited items or services. It is not blurry or pixelated. It conforms to the following dimensions: 9:16, 1:1, 16:9.

How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

Find A Balance Between Entertainment And Promotion

In order to promote your brand, TikTok is also an opportunity to inform and entertain your target audience. You must first inform and entertain your audience before you can bring them to engage with your video.

User-generated content

It is advisable for businesses and brands to encourage users to post videos of themselves using their products or services. Because these types of videos tend to drive higher engagement than brand-created videos, they also increase brand awareness without needing to push for sales.

Use trending hashtags

It is advisable for businesses and brands to encourage users to post videos of themselves using their products or services. Because these types of videos tend to drive higher engagement than brand-created videos, they also increase brand awareness without needing to push for sales.

Use trending songs

Popular songs can boost the popularity of your TikTok content by using them. Just watch For You pages for signs of which songs are trending. When you are planning your future videos, save any you want to use to your favourites list.

Share original content

As long as your material is original, you may be humorous, serious, poignant, profound, or controversial depending on your brand personality and tone of voice. Sharing original material is the greatest method to expand your TikTok following.Create your own challenge specific to your area or sector, start your own trend, or contribute a song you've written.

Repurpose your existing content

Make sure your brand is well-established before attempting to build a community around your product or service. Make sure to re-purpose any content you’re already creating. For example, are you posting blog posts, sending emails, making YouTube videos or recording podcasts? If so, those may all be turned into succinct 15-30 second TikTok videos. Make sure to start small and build incrementally.

Make the beginning attention grabbing

Why do you want your TikTok video to grab the audience's attention right away? Because if they remain engaged and don't swipe away, you'll keep their attention! Start by getting right to the good stuff instead of teasing your audience or delaying delivering value/humor/motivation for ten seconds. Make your TikTok videos as to the point and value-packed from the very beginning to the end.

Be the first to comment

A word of advice when you're just starting out on TikTok is to be the first to post a comment on your video. Many brands will post follow-up information in the first few comments beneath their TikTok video. This helps to spark conversation, which in turn boosts the reach of the video. As with all other kinds of content, if you use this strategy, please respond to everyone who comments on your video. By doing so, you build trust with your community and motivate others to join in and share their views.

Keep your videos short

To reach a large audience and potentially “go viral” on TikTok, you must have people keep viewing your video repeatedly. The perfect way to make that happen is by disseminating brief videos that provide a lot of value in a limited period of time. 15-second TikToks (the same length as an Instagram Reel) are favored by the algorithm. If your video is down to 7-10 seconds, it's superior!

Cross promote your TikTok content

Save the TikTok video you create to your camera roll and re-post it to your Instagram account. This will boost your TikTok account's visibility, increase engagement, and grow your following.

Post frequently

When it comes to TikTok, I recommend posting 3 times per week on your main feed and 4-5 times on your Instagram Stories, as opposed to Instagram. You don’t have to be as fanatical about posting as much content as possible with TikTok, but you should still experiment with as much content as possible. Instead of focusing on posting as much content as possible, I encourage you to focus on creating new trends and trying new things. A key to posting successfully on TikTok is to not worry about making every video “perfect”.

Give TikTokers Full-Screen Focus

Your marketing team should ensure that the video they upload to TikTok is in a 9:16 format to best appeal to their audience. Users prefer to view content in portrait mode on this platform.

Engage with others

Just as you would on Instagram, make sure you interact with others—especially those who are viewing your content—to build relationships and get your content in front of new people. Like videos and leave thoughtful comments to bolster your content.

Tease other content

Our most effective TikTok marketing tip is to use TikTok to tease your other content. Netflix is a great example of this. They use popular movies and shows to encourage their audience to sign up for

Keep an eye on your analytics

To improve your TikTok skill, keep an eye on your analytics. You may use TikTok’s built-in analytics as long as you have a “Pro” account. You may view your performance over the last seven and 28 days in Overview, Content, and Followers. Which of your content items have been most popular during this time period can be observed in these categories.

A quick word on TikTok ads

Finding success on TikTok requires knowing your market. If you're targeting people aged 10 to 29, TikTok ads are a good way to increase awareness, leads, and sales.

Variety Is Key For Product Placement

To keep a viewer engaged, the highest-performing TikTok advertisements use a variety of backgrounds, settings, and viewpoints to keep the consumer interested. Stagnant backgrounds are replaced with new locations, perspectives, and camera angles to produce more diverse and compelling advertisements. The ad is more memorable and memorable ads draw in consumers.

Connect Through Call To Action Opportunities

Creating a connection with your viewers by including a Call to Action (CTA) within your video is one of the many benefits offered by TikTok’s Ad Manager. A clickable CTA can direct your customers to shop special discounts, see product information, learn more, find a store, and more, all via a single click. Your CTA can also connect your product with your audience, thereby increasing online sales.

Maximize Impact With Effective Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to effective videos on TikTok. Too short, and the message can be unclear and inadequate; too long, the viewer loses interest and leaves before the crucial information is shown. According to TikTok metrics, ads that run between 21 and 34 seconds are optimal.

Have A Sense Of Humor

It's best to have fun and connect with TikTok users by sharing amusing content.It can take time to find your niche and produce content that showcases your brand properly.Create amusing videos and include fun elements to make your merchandise standout.Instead of focusing on numbers of views, make sure to have fun while creating content and your audience will participate.

Use Closed Captioning

Adding text descriptions to your video ads can help increase recall and accessibility, as well as making the content more accessible to a larger segment of your audience. It also prevents viewers who are listening to your video from missing out on its content

Be authentic to build your community

Think about what makes your brand unique and fun, and how you can express that through TikTok content. Of course, the better you know your target customers and clients, the easier it will be to create content they'll love and can't resist sharing.

Share stories and provide value

You can create any type of TikTok you want, but if you want to give specific advice, focus on telling a story or providing educational content. Just as on Instagram, where value is the key to growth, value is the key to TikTok growth. In addition to value, educational content is good to include. There are plenty of ways to add a fun twist to the value and educational content.

Viral TikTok Trends Every Creator Should Use

More businesses are exploring the platform

According to HubSpot Blog Research, marketers are planning to increase their investment in TikTok for 2022. Businesses didn't regard TikTok as a serious platform for years. They thought it was where Gen-Z made brief, humorous videos. However, when its popularity and user growth peaked in 2020, businesses noticed it again. In 2019 and 2020, marketers deemed TikTok to be the fourth most effective social media platform after Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. As a result, it is ahead of well-known platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.

TikTok users are consuming less of other content

32% of Gen Z TikTok users say they watch less TV after joining TikTok, and 33% say they listen to fewer podcasts. This is a tremendous opportunity for social media marketers to draw in their audience and boost engagement.

Sounds are more important than hashtags

Sounds play a huge role on other social media platforms, but they play a particularly critical one on Twitter. As a result, brands should make sound posting a priority. Choosing the right sound may have a greater impact on your audience than using hashtags.

How to Find TikTok Trends

The “Discover” Tab

You can learn a lot about current trends on Tiktok by browsing through the ""Discover"" menu. You can browse through trending sounds, hashtags, and topics as well as the most popular videos. You can also see how many videos are associated with that trend, which provides an indication of which are hot now.

The “For You” Page

Every user of TikTok sees the content they engage with the most displayed on the platform's "For You" page, which looks different depending on the user. This is also the place where trending topics circulate. If a video has a significant number of likes or views, it is worth investigating if it ties to a particular trend. To check the sound, located on the bottom left corner of the video, click on the icon. Once you do, you'll see the song's name, how many videos use it, and how they appear in the list. With all of this information, you'll know how popular a sound is and how other users are using it.

The “Search” Tab

TikTok's search bar is another excellent way to locate trending topics. Before you begin typing in the search bar, it will automatically populate relevant searches based on the trending topics. You can then click on specific videos to see what videos have been created around these topics.

The #TrendAlert Hashtag

In this scenario, you would have used all the strategies mentioned above and still wouldn’t be able to identify trends. All you have to do is follow or the hashtag #TrendAlert on TikTok to find users who are already on top of it.

How to Make TikTok Trends Your Own

Jump in early

Trends are fleeting, so you must be ready to jump on board as soon as they appear. When you notice a TikTok trend you want to participate in, begin brainstorming some ideas right away. You don’t need fancy videography to be successful on the platform. Sometimes all you need is some creative thinking, nice lighting, lip-synching abilities, and a cell phone.

Find a relatable angle

On TikTok, you have up to three minutes to grab people's attention, but a lot of videos that go viral are only 30 seconds long. This means you have a short window to persuade people to stop and watch your video. To do this, create content that people can connect with.

Know when to bow out

Don’t let every TikTok trend influence your decisions. Every day, there is a new trend to join. It might not match your brand's tone and values, or you missed the boat. If you want to avoid joining trends that have reached their peak, avoid joining them after they've peaked. They may then be over, and their followers might actively avoid them. It could also give the impression that your brand is out of touch.

How to Work With the TikTok Algorithm

Prioritize user-generated content

Prioritizing user-generated content (UGC) is a great strategy for building audience loyalty. UGC, in this case, refers to videos created by TikTok users rather than brands. Because it feels genuine to viewers, UGC is extremely popular. Because consumers are more likely to support a brand they like and trust, UGC is a fantastic tactic for building loyalty. It is created by real customers who love your product and want to promote the value without receiving any kind of compensation.

Create high-quality videos specifically for TikTok

We know that a low-quality article won’t reach the For You page. You don’t need a fancy camera or equipment; your phone is the best apparatus for producing genuine video. The quality of your lighting, microphone, and editing must be decent to ensure your audience stays interested. 3- to 5-second videos are the most popular on TikTok, so you should aim for 15-second frames.

Post at the right time for your audience

When it comes to TikTok, this is a big deal. It's important to keep your audience engaged with your content. You can check your business or creator account analytics to see when your audience is most active on the app.

Engage with other TikTok users

Keeping up with the comments on your own videos is an important aspect of building engagement signals to the algorithm. Commenting on other people’s TikTok posts is also crucial to building engagement signals. Stitch, Duets, and video replies to comments are three of the most popular TikTok features.

Use the right hashtags

The For You page is a popular destination on the app that generates a steady stream of user-generated content. To be included on the For You page, you must use the trending hashtags or #foryou, #foryoupage, or #fyp as your hashtag. You may also use hashtag challenges to come up with new content ideas while sending the algorithm some good trend vibes. You can find trending hashtags by visiting the Discover tab, then tapping Trends at the top of the screen. Keep an eye out for hashtags related to challenges.

Use trending sounds and music

According to TikTokers, 67% of users prefer brand videos that feature popular or trending songs. As we've said before, shooting for the For You page is a good bet if you are seeking to attract consumers' interest in any way possible.

Build relationships with influencers

Celebrities and influencers account for 25% of all TikTok content. These content creators may be able to boost your business through sharing it with their own audiences. Your marketing efforts can be expanded by getting your products and services in front of more people. Algorithmic boosts can also be provided by having your items and services displayed in front of more people.

Prioritize TikTok ads

On TikTok, Spark Ads (and other advertising) doesn't require you to produce new assets in order to meet advertisement specifications. You can see which videos on your feed outperform the rest. If you put some money behind them, these are your top candidates for ads.

Research trending audio

In terms of impact on engagement and likelihood of your video being viewed, music and sound are major on TikTok. It goes without saying that popular audio is a huge advantage to include in your videos.

Track engagement with analytics

If you want to understand what your audience likes to see on TikTok for Business, you can track your account’s analytics. You’ll get a good idea of what people like to see on TikTok, which may help you refine your content to appeal to a wider audience.

Switch to a TikTok Pro account

The two approaches to pro accounts on TikTok are distinct, depending on whether you're a creator or a business. Having a pro account in itself does not guarantee your video will appear on the For You page, but switching to one is still an important part of mastering the algorithm. That's because a creator or business account gives you access to metrics and data that may assist you in developing an effective TikTok strategy. To create content that is interesting and popular, you must comprehend who your audience is, when they are active on the app, and what kind of content they prefer.

Find your subculture

Finding existing communities to interact with on all social media is crucial. This is a crucial step on the app, but the TikTok algorithm's nature makes it even more so. That's because TikTokers spend the majority of their time on the For You tab, as opposed to other social networks where users spend a lot of time interacting with profiles they already follow. You may increase trust, brand loyalty, and visibility by providing content that truly resonates with TikTokers by understanding your most valued subculture.

Maximize the first moments

TikTok moves fast. You can't just jump straight into your video content without introducing yourself first. Your video hook should grab viewers' attention and emphasize the value of watching from the get-go.

Write an engaging caption

You have only 150 characters to tell your story on TikTok, including hashtags. You don't have to skimp on the opportunity to grab viewers' attention with a good caption. The best captions engage and direct viewers to the finish screen, which boosts video completion and watch counts. Use your caption to spark interest or create chatter in the comments section. Is this Guinness World Record TikTok worth checking out after you've read the caption?

How to Create the Ultimate TikTok Marketing Strategy

Get familiar with TikTok

Approach TikTok marketing differently from Instagram or Facebook marketing. There are various features, trends, and user behaviours on TikTok that are different from those on Instagram or Facebook. Look at the different functions of the TikTok app and see whether there are filters, effects, and songs in demand. Branded Hashtag Challenges are common, where members are tasked with re-creating a song, dance routine, or task (TikTok's spin on user-generated content). You should also watch for Duets, which are versatile collaborations.

Define your target audience

Before you start posting on TikTok, understand the platform's demographics and find out who might be interested in your brand. You'll gain a better understanding of your audiences if you research them on other social media platforms. However, don't neglect new or unexpected audiences. Your current audience might not be on TikTok, but there may be groups with similar or slightly different interests on the platform. For example, authors on LinkedIn, readers on Instagram, and illustrators on TikTok might be part of a children's books publisher's TikTok audience.

Perform a competitive audit

Do you want to know if your competitors are using TikTok? You might be able to take advantage of the platform if they are, but if they're not, TikTok could be a way to gain an edge. Whether or not your competitors are on the app, find at least three to five similar organisations or brands and see what they're doing. Try to determine what has been successful and what has not in order to identify each competitor's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using the S.W.O.T. framework.

Set goals that align with your business objectives

It's preferable to have business goals linked to the creation of TikToks for fun. Whether you want to expand your brand's reach, boost sales, raise awareness for a product, or build stronger customer relationships, it's critical to credibly underpin your efforts with a rationale. Select S.M.A.R.T. goal framework, or another structure, to create objectives that are: Narrow, Able to Be Measured, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Post regularly

Developing a successful TikTok strategy is dependent on sticking to a content calendar. Your real-life calendar will look similar to the one illustrated here, but “Dinner with Dad” and “Dog’s Half-Birthday” will be replaced with “Go Live” and “New Video.”

Track your progress

If you’re using TikTok for marketing, Analytics should be your starting point. You can use them to see whether your strategies are working, and assess whether continued use is worthwhile. Check in at least once a month and see if you’re reaching your goals.

Create space to experiment

There is no set formula for TikTok success. Leave room in your TikTok marketing efforts for creativity, play, and unpredictability. If something doesn't work, learn from it and try something else. If your brand accidentally becomes popular like Ocean Spray or Wendy's, make the most of it. Be on the lookout for opportunities to be funny. Don't expect your TikTok efforts to be taken seriously.

How to Go Viral on TikTok

Understand trends

The more people use an app's viral video algorithm, the more videos that play into it are promoted. Therefore, the first step to going viral on TikTok is to watch for trends. If you keep up with daily content trends on TikTok, the more relevant and timely your content will be.

Use humor

Whether you're talking about a social media network or a video sharing app, comedy is one of its main currencies. From gym motivation videos to lifestyle vlogs, humor links them all. It keeps people engaged and makes them more likely to watch all the way through. If they share your sense of humor, they might even continue to follow your work long-term.

Hashtags are your friend

One of the ranking signals used by the TikTok algorithm is hashtags. This implies that by incorporating hashtags in your video description, you make it simple for the algorithm to present your video to viewers who will find it interesting.

Keep it short

Because an autoplay video is only a few seconds long, viewers have no chance to get bored or lose interest. They can also return to the video afterwards and rewatch it, thanks to the autoplay feature. The amount of viewers and how much they like a short video is why it is so popular.

Encourage interaction

Make sure your material promotes community engagement because TikTok's algorithm rewards all types of it. Request input from people in the comments area. Give folks a cue to build a reaction video they can Duet or Stitch from. Create the kinds of films that people will feel motivated to post on other social media sites, such as Instagram. The algorithm now views your films somewhat more positively as a result of everything.

Understand your audience

Selecting a single subject or expertise is a good tactic in building a following, but you can still benefit from sticking to one. The more your video appears in a specific community, the better it will perform on the For You page. This can boost your video's performance, attract a larger audience, and increase your video's visibility on the For You page.

Use TikTok’s tools

TikTok is more than just a video camera. Users can utilise a wide range of video effects, as well as lots of music and audio clips. You don’t need to be a professional filmmaker to create great videos here. All the necessities are at your disposal.

Be (tastefully) controversial

What is the best method of generating engagement on any platform? Provoke interest (or annoyance, or amusement), and people will have no choice but to respond.

Walk away

TikTok wants your attention. If you don’t return to it after posting a video, it will try to get you to do so by sending notifications. The most effective method for it to do that is by including your video in a post that is open to more people. Even if you want to enjoy the experience of seeing your views climb in real time, the best thing to do after you post a video is to close TikTok for a little while. You’ll be far more likely to return if you get flooded with views, comments, and shares.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work

User interactions

Which accounts you follow, what creators you have hidden, and what comments you have posted are all things that can be tracked via the Instagram app. You may also track the following: The videos you have liked or shared on the app, the videos you have added to your favourites, the videos you have marked as “Not Interested,” the videos you have reported as inappropriate, the videos you have watched to the end, the amount of time you spend watching videos (video completion rate), what you create on your own account, what interests you have expressed by interacting with organic content and ads, and the interests you have expressed by interacting with ads.

Video information

Video information signals are based on the material you frequently look for on the Discover tab, as opposed to user interaction signals, which are based on how you connect with other users on the app.This can include details like:Captions Sounds Hashtags* Effects Trending topics

Device and account settings

The type of mobile device you're using, the country you're in, and your language preference determine how much content you'll see from people in your own country.

What’s not included in the TikTok algorithm

Content that the algorithm flags as spam, Content you’ve already seen, Content that the algorithm finds potentially upsetting, or Content that is Duplicated Content.

Content Ideas to Get More Followers on TikTok

Social Media Challenges

Most people are likely to have encountered viral social media challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge. These challenges are often applicable across platforms and are prone to going viral, so you should join trending challenges and post those videos on TikTok if you want to increase your followers. You may also start your own challenge using a branded hashtag if you wish to go even further.

Fruit Cutting

Here, the creator cuts fruit or vegetables in an innovative way to produce these videos. These are twofold. On the one hand, they educate people how to hack things by watching videos. On the other, these are attractive and enjoyable to look at.


With the new voiceover feature available on TikTok, users can add commentary to any video. There are lots of options with this feature, so experiment with it, tell stories, make funny comments, or anything else that you can imagine.

Science Experiments

You can repeat your old science experiment videos and get more eyeballs on your content by posting them on TikTok. These videos are enjoyable to watch, informative, and appear to be magic tricks to those who don’t understand the science behind them.

Makeover Videos

Vloggers alter the way they appear in these videos, whether it's a hairstyle, wardrobe change, makeup, or some other visual tweak. There are also a growing number of TikTok beauty mode filter vlogs. In these videos, people who look sloppy click on beauty mode and turn into a different appearance.

Collaborations with Influencers

Like other social media platforms, influencer marketing is a success on TikTok as well. An influencer's followers will immediately pay attention to any TikTok videos that they are involved in. You may work with influencers on any type of TikTok video or even request them to create one for your brand.


Tutorials are very popular on all social media platforms, including TikTok. However, since tutorial videos are brief, they are less complex and simply self-explanatory here. Therefore, you may produce a quick tutorial without commenting on it. You may also fast-forward the whole clip to fit your tutorial within the time limit.

Workout Videos

The popularity of workout videos on all the major social media platforms has also contributed to their popularity. People want to copy the workout regimes of their favourite social media influencers and they also enjoy taking inspiration from them. Even if you're not in the fitness business, you can still post your own personal workout regime to increase your account's popularity.

Food/Cooking Videos

You can post cooking videos on TikTok if you enjoy cooking and do it frequently at home. It's not easy to squeeze an entire cooking video into a few seconds, but it's definitely possible. You don't need to include commentary or make your videos fast-paced and self-explanatory.

Freeze-Frame Videos

You can create interesting and funny videos by freezing a frame and using it as a background. These videos became popular after TikTok released its freeze-frame filter.

Videos of Your Daily Life

You don't have to perform an extraordinary action to stand out on TikTok. Some individuals have made it on the platform by simply posting about their daily lives. Look at the smallest aspects of your life and make them into intriguing TikTok videos.

Videos Based on Trending Hashtags

Creating TikTok videos on trending hashtags is another quick way to boost engagement. Search for trending hashtags on TikTok and produce videos on those subjects. You're copying those already popular themes and producing videos that are likely to be liked.

Live Videos

Live videos on TikTok allow you to stream live to your audience. You should try to include live videos in your content mix because you can connect with your audience in real-time. Despite their current popularity compared to Instagram and Facebook, live videos on TikTok have a huge potential that you should exploit.

Dance Videos

It's clear that there are plenty of dance videos on TikTok. The platform is used by creators to showcase their dancing skills and, often, invite other people for group performances. If you have any dancing ability, you'll gain more followers by watching these kinds of videos.

Song Imitations

There are lip-syncing videos on TikTok, which people lip-sync to a song and even perform the lyrics. They might also come up with their own interpretations. You can guarantee to get more viewers if you post lip-syncing videos of popular songs on TikTok.

Dialogue Reenactments

You can also make lip-syncing videos for well-known movie quotes. These videos usually have a comedic perspective and are played in a funny way. It does not even have to be a movie quote; you can reenact any random conversation. You can perform this alone or with your friends. Add an interesting twist to a standard conversation to earn more viewers.

Cute Animal Videos

You know how much people love watching cute animal videos. Isn't that enough?

Making Art

If you're an artist looking to post on TikTok, this is the video for you. Just record a video of yourself creating a piece of art, speed it up, and post it. You can do this with all sorts of arts and crafts, as well as DIY projects. You may even include your family and friends if they are the creative ones.

Answer Questions by Posing as Song Cover Photo

On TikTok, people pose as a song cover photo and then pose a question. They are doing this in a new fashion. The song's title usually answers the question.

Satisfying/Calming Videos

If you've ever watched a video on TikTok, Instagram, or similar platforms, you've seen these. These types of videos are extremely popular and arguably the most calming examples of them.