The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Instagram Marketing

Discover how to create a successful marketing strategy for your business to seize growth opportunities and boost revenue.

How To Create A Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy

Set your goals for Instagram

Whether you are a business owner, influencer with multiple social media accounts or just someone looking to get their thoughts out there on the internet for anyone in world see - Instagram is an integral part of modern life. But before posting anything send yourself this one question: Why am I doing this? If your answer doesn't align 100% then don’t post it! The point here isn't about trying (and failing) but figuring out what works best for YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY so that everyone can benefit from having more positive interactions online rather than negativity which never leads anywhere productive Having goals helps keep us focused.

Determine your Instagram target audience

There are many reasons why people might want to start posting on Instagram, but it's important for them (and you) know exactly what their goals are. Before starting up an account or Page with the sole intention of broadcasting content through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; ask yourself one question: "Why?" If there isn't a clear answer in mind then don’t do anything yet!

Conduct a competitive analysis

It's important to conduct a quick audit of related accounts and see what posts are getting the highest engagement, as well as popular hashtags they're using. You should also check out their captions for any trends or insights into your audience!

Configure an editorial calendar

You can't underestimate the power of a good editorial calendar. With it, you'll be able to post at specific times and use hashtags that will bring more engagement on your account without having worry about forgetting anything!

Build a consistent brand on Instagram.

Your brand personality should be immediately recognizable to both customers and employees. Determine what this looks like by thinking about your values as a company, or how you want people perceive those with whom they come into contact for the first time; are we bold? Playful?. Finally: ARE YOU ADVENTUROUS?!

Grow your Instagram follower base

The only way to grow your following is by investing in yourself. You may be tempted, when faced with the choice between buying followers and taking time out of day-tofive working on building up a fan base organically - don't do it! Buying them won’t actually drive engagement which will make sure that all those posts are never seen again (unless there's some weird advertisement scheme going down).

How to Promote Your Business On Instagram


With the constant influx of new followers, it's important that you never neglect your existing customer base. Deals and discounts can be used as a way to bring them back into the store for first-time sales with an offer they'll want right away! Be sure include what they need do in order receive this special deal - mention any deadlines too so there is urgency on both sides


Contests are a great way to get customers on board! You could run one that requires someone who follows your account or posts with the hashtag # contests will automatically enter them in the giveaway.


Charities are always in need of support, and there is no better time than now to show your dedication. Commitment has never been more important or popularized then it is today- people expect companies who do good work on behalf their communities will publicly announce them so they can build affinity with customers before even starting any marketing campaign!


Give hints about upcoming merchandise via Instagram before it is available. In case your followers are already interested in your goods, showing a couple of photos is a good idea.

Live launches

It's a great way to show off your new product or service, connect with customers in real-time and drive them towards making purchases!

Promote your Instagram on other channels

Most of the time, it's best to gain more followers on Instagram rather than asking for them. An easy and effective way is by adding a social share button which can lead you having many new potential customers!

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

Instagram Post Ideas that Will Boost Your Engagement

Get real with Reels

Reels is a great way to show the real person behind your brand! You can post moments from your life, passions or goals. It's also fun facts about yourself and team members that will make them curious enough for want more information on what makes this company so unique Reel in some followers with our latest update - now all posts include an option at top right corner which allows viewers choose whether they're looking forward getting acquainted/interested etc., meaning anyone who likes seeing themselves through other people

Show an influencer using your product

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing that matters most - a loyal fan base. If you want to bring your product or service into someone else's life then influencer marketing is perfect for building credibility with new audiences by leveraging trusted partnerships like those created through social media channels where people can see what an influencer looks like without ever having been introduced before!

Ask audiences a question

"One way to keep your audience engaged on Instagram is by asking them questions. Questions can be used for all sorts of things like polls and giveaways, but they're especially helpful when you want people's input into what content or events might best suit them."

Show a tutorial

"What can be better than displaying your product? Actually demonstrating how to use it the best. By posting tutorials, customers will receive value. In addition to sharing tips and techniques, they may also profit from the products your company offers."

Go behind-the-scenes

Your social media doesn’t have to be perfect. Show the human side of your brand by using it as an opportunity for fun, creativity and showcasing what you do best!

Show a before-and-after

What's the most creative way you can show off your brand? With a bedroom makeover! If it’s services, this is an amazing chance to prove just how good of magic we're capable on. Before-and after photos are so convincing that people will want more.

Jump on a trend

How can you get ahead of the curve when it comes to social media? The best way is by finding your own niche and making a stand. Whether that means joining in on today's latest dance craze, showing off some glow-up tips for business women or even creating an ASMR video (short for autonomous sensory meridian response), there will always be something new coming down the pipeline.

Share user-generated content

The best way to get feedback from your users is by letting them share their own experiences with you. Create a hashtag and ask people who use the product or service in question whether they would be willing help promote it - just make sure that when giving credit, nobody takes more than their fair share!

Share your mistakes

It's never too late to humanize your brand! It has been said that people love getting acquainted with the real you, so show off some of those mistakes and successes. You'll be helping others avoid making similar errors in their lives; it just goes hand-in-hand when doing business or telling stories about yourself.

Seek creative input

It's time for your team to head over to Instagram for a brainstorming session! Your customers know more about what they want than anyone else, so use this opportunity to get some great feedback.

Share an action shot

Allow viewers to see how your items and services are made by showing what's happening behind the pictures. You may also play around with video speeds to make your shots more exciting.

Host a giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to boost engagement on Instagram. You can create excitement about your offerings and reach new audiences all at pretty low cost by inviting users tag friends, share the post follow page ,and win prizes in return for following/sharing!

Create a year in review

It's not just about the present, but also paying attention to how far you've come. You can share a year in review post with your audience any time of year! Yes - even before or after major milestones like holidays (I mean who doesn't want an excuse for drinking?!) And if there are things that happened this past 12 months worth celebrating then don’t wait till December; look back on what actions brought us here today so everyone knows why they should celebrate too.


When posting images, share a variety of photos to show your brand is diverse and engage followers in different ways.

Behind-the-Scenes Posts

If you want to be successful, then it's important that your posts don’t look like they were put together in a hurry. Authenticity will help generate trust and build up customer loyalty!

Reposts From Employees

Great content can come from anywhere … even your employees' Instagrams. (Just be sure to tag or credit the original poster.) Reposting photos on this platform allows you not only curate authentic, interesting pieces but also humanizes businesses and connects with customers in an easy way-- all while giving those who post valuable experience they may never forget!

Educational Posts

Educational posts are great for those who want to learn more than they did in school. The photos and videos offer snackable tips on how you can do or make something, which is perfect if your favorite class was too boring!

Influencer Posts

An influencer's post shows off the celebrity's or public figure's influence by featuring an image of the celebrity or public figure using or interacting with your product. Getting another audience's attention is one of the key advantages of influencer posts.

Motivational Posts

The perfect way to spread positivity, motivation posts are a welcome sight on social media. They combine visuals with quotes or uplifting text that motivate people in their everyday lives while also amplifying your brand values at the same time! It's important not overdo it though because sometimes less really is more when trying not make an event look cheesy

User-Generated Content

The best way to get your customers’ and fans' input is by asking them what they think. You can do this through user generated content, or UGC! Share photos of posts with hashtags including #brandname so that it will be easier for you guys find these awesome images on social media platforms such as Instagram."

Newsjacking (Trending Holiday Posts)

Participate in a local, national, or worldwide trend by joining in the fun. Newsjacking is a fantastic way to post humorous content that relates to light-hearted events.

Build branded content relationships

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for you to get more people seeing your content? Well now, with Instagram's new branded partnership feature that just might become possible. The social media platform has made connecting and collaborating much easier by adding features like an account Manager tool which allows creators of all sizes - from businesses large or small-to work together on boosting posts in hopes they'll appear higher up within users' feeds! By building these types relationships (and keeping them active) not only will those who see our posted material

Share memes

Memes are the perfect way to humanize and humourize your brand. This can be done by sharing relatable memes that you know will resonate with audiences, but it’s not just about going viral- in fact sometimes posts might not even get liked! The best thing for brands is when they go unnoticed which results into increased engagement rates from customers due their authenticity on an emotional level.

Respond to questions

Integrating the comment section into your Reels is a great way to engage with followers. The “Show, Don’t Tell" approach that you take when replying in this creative space will help make it even more interesting for those who are waiting on line!

Post a save-the-date

Hosting an event live on Instagram or in-person requires you to share a save-the date with your audience. This way, they know when and where the big day is coming up!Since stories are fleeting (can only be viewed by followers), creating posts leaves something for those who might have missed it if the event time slips their mind; plus there's always room to bump oneself up higher within algorithm rankings by saving these moments as well

Unpack industry myths

The internet is an amazing resource for information, but it can also be a dangerous place. There are so many myths and misconceptions about what people think business owners need to do when running their company that you might want help set the record straight with this post!

Create a carousel

You can post up to 10 photos or videos using Instagram carousels. Users simply swipe to view them all. Because you can present up to ten items, this kind of post is ideal when one picture isn't suitable for your message.

Share a testimonial

One way to get ahead of the game and provide social proof front-and--centre is by sharing testimonials in your posts. This will help build trust among potential customers, as well as showcase what others have said about working with you!

How to Capture & Edit Instagram Photos Like a Pro

Follow the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition technique that aims to place your subject at the intersection between one set vertical and horizontal lines. This popular among painters, illustrators & photographers because it helps make their work more engaging by giving an order as well-balanced perspective in which they can focus on both sides equally!

Focus on a single subject

The way you use contrast in an image can dictate where the reader's eye naturally goes.

Take advantage of negative space

Negative space can make your subject stand out and avoid looking crowded. It's important to leave some negative room around the object you're trying focus on in order for it be most evident within an image, as this will draw attention away from other areas that may not need as much emphasis or importance placed upon them because they do not have any significant detail put into them compared with what does surround our focal point.

Look for interesting perspectives

When most people think about photography, they usually envision the traditional snapshot-style shots from eye level. However to create interesting and fresh imagery use different perspectives for your photos like bird's-eye views orworm’s eyes! Change up how you shoot in order capture a unique angle on common sights that might otherwise be overlooked by simply standing at ground level all day long...

Leverage symmetry and patterns

Symmetry is a common element in art and design. It can be used to draw the eye, as well as create an engaging composition that will keep your audience interested! When leading lines are centered along either side of this dividing line (or sometimes even diagonally), it creates imbalance which forces them out into their surroundings - giving you more room for focus on what's important within each shot.

Use natural light

If you want to get the most natural-looking lighting for your photos, try taking them near a window or outdoor area when there's an impending sunset. You'll often notice that just before it becomes dark and after sunrise offers striking contrast in colors as well!

Add Filters and Edit Photos

When photos are edited, their quality can be dramatically impacted. In only a few minutes, you can edit photos using Instagram’s built-in tools and filters. By mastering these simple editing techniques, you can dramatically improve the quality of your photos.

Instagram Video Content Types


Instagram videos can be up to one minute long and play without sound. The first few seconds of your video should have captions or prompts for viewers who want their music playing too, so they don’t miss anything important!


A boomerang video made by capturing a lot of photos and stiching them together is a good way to add a little fun to a standard video. You can use them for things like toasting glasses, high-fiving, or jumping, for example.


Hyperlapse is a new feature from Instagram that allows you to condense lengthy videos into shorter, post-able content. It creates smooth and time lapse filmed with built in stabilization so your followers can enjoy them on the go!

Instagram Live

Instagram has a new live video option that allows you to share content real-time. Once started, any followers currently on the app will receive notifications when it’s being livestreamed and can comment using its built in chat feature! Live Viewers should use this function sparingly because not everyone wants their entire life captured in one place 24/7 or during exciting moments like Q&A sessions where they might be talking heavily about something happening right now without knowing how much time passed while recording everything beforehand..


IGTV is a great way to find entertaining content that doesn't fit into the typical social media parameters. You can watch long-form, vertical video from Instagram creators like cooking videos and interviews with celebrities as well as product reviews!

How to Write Instagram Captions

Don’t rush the process

Your content is more than just a reminder, it’s an opportunity for you and your customers to have fun! Make sure that each post contains timely information but also something exciting. The visibility of this social media outlet depends on how many likes or comments they receive from their followers; take advantage by creating engaging posts like these ones- people love sharing things which make them feel good (I know I do).

Consider the caption length

You may post up to 2,200 characters for your caption. Regardless of length, users see only the first few lines of each one. They must click More to see the rest. Therefore, begin your caption with the most important information so it always appears.

Engage, engage, and engage some more

When including a call-to-action in your photo's caption, encourage your audience to like, comment on, and share it. You may also direct people to your bio link, where you will post a new product or blog post. Simply ensure the link is updated to match your most recent post.

Find your Instagram voice

Brand voice is crucial for any business to stand out and be successful. There are many platforms where you can create your own unique branding, but it may not always work on every social media site or app like Instagram because each one has its own distinct tone that should match what’s appropriate with the platform in question - this means lighthearted posts might do better than serious ones if they're going up against Twitter! You'll find yourself experimenting until finally developing a good brand's sound-bite basically by trial and error; just don't give up after trying once at making sure everything comes together perfectly right away--it takes time

The Most Popular Instagram Hashtag Types

Product or service hashtags

The best way to get potential customers' attention is by being creative with your marketing campaigns. We can help you come up with catchy names for your products or services, which will also increase their marketability and make them easier on consumers' minds! #mug or #poster

How many hashtags to use on Instagram

To make sure your post is as successful and noticed by followers/following consumers, you should only use up to 30 hashtags on a regular basis. However if there's something special happening such like an event or promotion where more than usual will be needed then go ahead with 10 additional #FOLLOWBullsjections too!

Niche hashtags

The following are some ways to describe your professional identity in the industry. It's important that you choose one or two words for each item on this list, so use them wisely! like #fashionblogger or #musicblogger

Industry Instagram community hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find communities that exist on Instagram. They're especially helpful when you want support from others in your area who share the same interests as yours, or if it's just someone fun with whom your friends happen also be connected! #mumsofinstagram or #dadsofinstagram

Special event or seasonal hashtags

Celebrate the small things! There's always something worth celebrating. These days it could be National [Thing] Day or seasonal holidays that you can use to organize a fun dinner party with friends and family members, while other times its just another day in your fabulous life- so take advantage of today by showing off all these reasons why we love ya here at Company Name!.

Location hashtags

Include a hashtag that refers to where you are when sharing on InstagramYou know how much people love using geographical hashtags, but did you also realize they can be really helpful? If not then here's some more reasons why! geo-tagging your posts with relevant keywords is essential if want them seen by those who care about such things - after all it takes less than 3 seconds out of our day for an app or website like Geolocationanny (insert branding) which does exactly what we just said... finds geographic places wherever users might like.

Daily hashtags

There are so many hashtags out there, it can be hard to keep up with them all. That’s why we made this list of daily trends for your posts! Every day has its own unique #ThingYouNeed Today™—from Monday Blues right through to Sunday Funday and everything in between. Check these bad boys if you want some quick inspiration on what topics will work well at any given time or just need a laugh each morning while getting ready

Relevant phrase hashtags

Hashtags are a way to connect with other people and interests in an easy, quick manner. There's been some interesting research on what makes them work best for your brand or product: Niche hashtags tend go more granular by specific regions (e/#oregon) whereas community tags can apply across all US states but isn't limited geographically like #portlandmaterials might be if you're located somewhere else entirely; however - these differ depending upon who uses it! For example like #amwriting or #shewhowanders

Acronym hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to add context and personality when sharing content on social media. The most popular ones include #TBT for Throwback Thursday, which lets you remember past memories in the present moment; #OOTD - outfit of today (or Fashion Friday); #YOLO-You only live go out there!

Emoji hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to describe your content and make it more interesting. The hashtag should be used in combination with other words or phrases that have an emoji attached, like #sunglassesemoji!!!

How to Use Instagram Hashtags

Check out the competition

It's important to take a look at what your competition is doing on social media, but you don't want their strategy too closely. In fact it might be helpful if we could find some hashtags they're using that will give us insight into how others in our industry think about advertising and marketing strategies! Maybe one of them has worked better than others - then again maybe not because there are always different types or ranges when looking at things like this so just keep searching until something clicks with both eye balls.

Make sure that hashtag means what you think it means

Hashtags can be a great way to show which topics you’re interested in. The problem is that they might not always make it easy for people who follow along at home, because some tags are too short and others longer than average - so what's considered "ending" one tag versus starting another?

Save hashtags for future use

Hashtags make it easier to quickly find hashtags that are relevant, but if you use them constantly over time then typing out these long phrases gets tiring. Luckily there is an easy way around this! You can save your favorite tags in notes so they're always at the ready when needed

See what hashtags your audience is already using

Having a presence on social media is crucial, but it's not enough. You need to take the time and invest in building your own community by finding other people with similar interests as yours or who use hashtags that pertain directly towards what you offer- this will help broaden how far exposure goes!

Use Instagram’s Related Hashtags feature

Hashtags allow you to pinpoint specific keywords in a sea of content. This is great for finding less crowded hashtags that might be more niche than the big word-based ones, meaning your audience will likely have limited options and lower competition! These can help Instagram brands connect with passionate communities who are looking forward their products or services.

Create a branded hashtag

Whether you're trying to reach the world with your message or just network locally, hashtags are a great way of putting an importance on what's happening in social media. The best hashtag for any brand may be one that they themselves create and attach it with their own content so others know about how awesome those guys really are! You can then let people who see this post know by including #mybrandname into captions throughout all platforms- Instagram bio mention +highlighting during stories.

Use Insights to see which tags work best

What's the best way to get a large following on Instagram? You might think it depends what kind of content you post, but according an recent article from Forbes magazine there is actually some science behind choosing hashtags for your posts. The research found that certain keywords will have more followers than others - so if promoting products or services seems like too big task then maybe start small! What are some effective ways people can use social media responsibly- without becoming spammy.

Include hashtags on Instagram Stories

Hashtag pages allow you to see what other people are hashtagging about without having their account. Click on the Story icon in top left corner and choose from a variety of posts that have been tagged with specific keywords or phrases!

Avoid banned hashtags and spammy hashtags

Hashtags can be used in many different ways, but they’re not always safe. Instagram has implemented a new banishment policy that will remove any hashtags associated with inappropriate content and only show top posts on their site instead of recent ones or Stories- which means you won't even know what your friends have been posting!

Understand how hashtag pages work

Hashtag pages allow you to share your content with a new audience and are especially good for getting featured in the Top section. A popular way of using hashtags on Instagram is by posting an image that has been branded with multiple related tags; this makes it easier than ever before for others scrolling through their feed at home or work (wherever they may be), as well as those following along via other social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat) find exactly what's being shared right now - without having go searching all over! The Recent tab also provides access

Don’t use irrelevant or repetitive hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to add variety and interest in your posts, but they should be used strategically. Posts that use too many of the same hashtag can get you penalized by Instagram's algorithm! Be careful not copy/paste them because it will count against whatever post was just posted before this one or vice versa - there needs some creativity involved here otherwise people may stop engaging with what we're posting altogether.

Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

Know your audience

Ideas for content marketing campaigns are endless! One way to get started is by breaking down your audience into age, location and gender. Get rid of who you don't think will fit in order from there until finally ending up with just one group that's left - the right kind for what we're looking at here today: young women living active lifestyles filled with fashion trends...

Tag Products on Reels

If you have a product that's just perfect for their needs, make sure they can see it in your reel! Tag the video so when someone watches and wants this item right away-they'll be able to buy from us immediately.

Make it Your Reels Entertaining

Give your brand an edge by using Reels! These fun, creative videos can be used as a way to show the world who you are and what makes YOU special. From behind-the scenes shots with employees working hard at their jobs or showcasing new products coming out soon - there’s no limit on creativity when it comes down this idea for social media content marketing strategy that has been taking communities everywhere by storm lately...

Use Fun Effects

Green screen effects are the perfect way to give your product an edge in today's competitive market. Carefully chosen colors, lighting and positioning can make all of difference between success or failure for any business looking into hiring this type services!

Engage and Inform

You can take any video and turn it into an awesome reel with just the right amount of creativity. Reels are a great way to show off what you have going on in your business, so don’t be afraid! There is no wrong answer when creating these short films for yourself or others - think DIY tips as well as how-to's if that suits better suit where their audience might Federally reside; but also remember why this particular type matters: It helps build trust between customer/clientele (you) by showing them exactly how skilled people working together overcome challenges while still maintaining quality standards each day.

Enhance your profile

While you're on Instagram, make sure to search for your favorite items and post pictures of them in high-quality images. You can even use filters if desired! I'm looking at my phone right now because I'm scrolling through all these amazing deals that are going live soon--so take this as an opportunity to show off what's new too 😉

Keep your bio simple

You can make the most of your Instagram highlights with something you know will appeal to an audience. Maybe it's a current sale or special feature that is going on right now, so promote them!

Have fun

Before you get started on your next project, take some time to hear what makes our company unique. We specialize in creating engaging and creative videos for clients who want their voice heard!

Get verified

Getting verified on Instagram would increase the credibility of your business account significantly. It would make it look more professional.

Put your best content forward on ads

Consider investing more time and resources in your advertising content. A beautiful piece of work can make the difference between an engaged audience or one that’s passing by without noticing you exist!

Try an influencer partnership

Influencer partnerships are a great way to get your message in front of more people. Influencers not only have an established following, but also provide credibility and authenticity that can't be matched by other forms or advertising methods such as paid advertisements on social media sites where it's difficult for consumers who watch those circles Leave their data behinds when they turn off screens forever!

Set SMART goals

The only way you can grow your following is by posting consistently and making sure each post has a unique angle. Think about what kind of content would be attractive, start conversations where they're needed most then let people know how much it means for them if shared.

Create a giveaway or contest

Contests and giveaways are a great, often low-cost advertising method used by brands to grow their audience. Think of it like getting recommendations from your friends - you just need the right prize or challenge for them! The goal with this type if thing is that people will be more likely enter when they know there's something at stake (especially if its desirable).

Measure performance

Instagram analytics provide valuable insight into how your audience engages with the content you post. The better understanding you have of their preferences, timing and habits; then it will be easier for future posts to resonate more meaningfully within them!

Create a style guide

When you are creating your brand, don’t be afraid to stick with one style. This can mean using a color scheme or editing method consistently throughout all of the different pieces in order for them not only look uniform but also feel like they come from the same person who is behind it all when someone sees what YOU created!

Use a content calendar

Give yourself at least one hour every day to create content that will appeal and engage with your audience. This is the key for creating lasting relationships on social media!

Find the best time to post

Insights is a great way to find out who your followers are, and when they're most active online. You can use this information for timing posts so that you have the best chance of getting them seen by as many people possible!

Use interactive features

Use the vote button, quiz box and question/answer slots to find out what your followers like. overlays these interactive elements over brand photos or videos for an even deeper insight into their preferences!

Try the create feature

Creating and editing your own Instagram stories is an easy way to share new content without having the time or patience for photography. You can use GIPHY's, create lists of funny songs/movies etc., which will make it more engaging with followers!

Add Text to Reels

Instagram Reels is a great way to provide accessibility for those with visual impairments. Plus, the ability to include more information in your videos through text bubbles makes it even easier!