Score: 4.6/5
Year: 2018

A sumptuous, visual guided tour of 66 of the world’s greatest paintings, each examined in unrivaled depth.Unlock the door to your own personal art museum with this magnificent gallery of history’s greatest art treasures. From works by Zhang Zeduan, a 12th-century Chinese master, to modern masterpieces by Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Warhol, more than 700 stunning close-up photographs show you famous masterworks in a way you’ve never seen them before.Great Paintings is the perfect visual guide to the history of art.More than just a compendium of photos, it demonstrates how landmark paintings were influenced by their historical and social contexts–and how these works went on to inspire future artists. Close-up detail shots visually analyze works of art and highlight their key features, composition, and techniques. Let Great Paintings be your gallery guide, providing a fresh and fascinating ways to look at at beloved paintings and discover new favourites.

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